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  • adj. Impregnated with or containing salts of iron.
  • adj. Tasting like iron, as water from a mineral spring.
  • n. Water or medicine containing iron in solution.

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  • adj. Flavored with mineral salts
  • n. A mineral water that was a voguish general remedy during the 17th-19th century.

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  • adj. Impregnated with salts of iron; having a taste like iron.
  • n. Any water, liquid, or medicine, into which iron enters as an ingredient.

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  • Qualified by the presence of iron: applied to a medicine containing iron, and especially to springs and waters impregnated with iron, or holding iron in solution.
  • Relating to or characteristic of a spring or medicine containing iron: as, a chalybeate taste; chalybeate effects.
  • Steel-blue; chalybeous.
  • n. A mineral water or other liquid impregnated with iron.

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  • adj. containing or impregnated with or tasting of iron


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

New Latin chalybeātus, from Latin chalybs, steel, from Greek khalups, khalub-, possibly from Khalups sing. of Khalubes, Chalybes, people of Asia Minor famous for their steel.


  • It will dissolve to some extent in water containing carbon dioxide, just as will calcium carbonate, and waters containing it are called chalybeate waters.

    An Elementary Study of Chemistry

  • He pronounced each syllable of the word "chalybeate" very clearly, for it was a newly learned word, and he was proud of his ability to use it.

    Southern Stories Retold from St. Nicholas

  • We drank of every variety of water excepting pure water -- sometimes iron, sometimes sulphur; and, indeed, every kind of chalybeate, for every rill was impregnated in some way or another.

    Diary in America, Series One

  • Leave aside property prices, and Bath, Ilkley and most of the others would be lovely if no chalybeate or other soothing water had ever seeped from their soil.

    In praise of … spa towns | Editorial

  • During his time as Mayor of Thetford, Faux was responsible for developing the town's chalybeate spring.

    Index of People

  • Its taste is strongly but to me pleasantly saline, with an aftertaste which hints of its invigorating chalybeate element, and an unobtrusive sparkle of carbonic acid gas which is to the boisterous energy of Soda Water as a smile is to loud laughter.

    Off to the Races

  • Rhubarb, soap, and chalybeate medicines and waters, are almost always specifics for obstructions of the liver; but then a very exact regimen is necessary, and that for a long continuance.

    Letters to his son on The Art of Becoming a Man of the World and a Gentleman

  • Soap and steel are, unquestionably, the proper medicines for your case; but as they are alteratives, you must take them for a very long time, six months at least; and then drink chalybeate waters.

    Letters to his son on The Art of Becoming a Man of the World and a Gentleman

  • And sometimes he would go down in a hired vehicle and a sealskin trimmed coat, and sometimes, when his feet permitted, he would walk to the Pantiles, and there he would sip chalybeate water under the eye of his cousin Jane.

    The Food of the Gods and how it came to Earth

  • He stands under that chinaware window where the spring spouts, and holds and sips the glass of chalybeate water in his hand.

    The Food of the Gods and how it came to Earth


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  • "He glanced at the measures recommended: diet low but not too low, bleeding of course, cupping, saline purgatives, emetics, camphorated vinegar, the strait waistcoat, blistering the head, chalybeate waters, the cold bath; and closed the book."

    --Patrick O'Brian, The Thirteen Gun Salute, 281

    March 5, 2008