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  • n. A chaos theorist


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  • Or will we findat first with delighted amazement and eventually with jaded indifferencethat one author after another turns out to have been a "secret chaotician" or "secret Heisenbergian" all along, betraying an entirely predictable dedication to "chance"?

    Complexity and Order.

  • How can a chaotician talk about nature's proper course at all?


  • He still presents himself as a devotee of chaos theory ( "a chaotician"), but he no longer uses its argument (as previously documented in this article) to formulate his criticism of the park.


  • The main characters include Dr Alan Grant played by Sam Neill, an old fashioned palaeontologist who has a small case of techno fear, his partner Dr Ellie Sattler played by Laura Dern, a Palo botanist, and Dr Ian Malcolm, a chaotician played by Jeff Goldblum, who is convinced there will always be chaos no matter how much you try to avoid it.

    Elites TV

  • Since Malcolm actually preaches the opposite of chaos theory, but presents himself as a chaotician and must therefore talk about it, the film's material on chaos is reduced to an irrelevant caricature in the most embarrassing of all scenes — Malcolm's half-hearted courting of the female paleontologist (before he learns of her partnership with the male paleontologist), by grasping her hand, dripping water on the top and using chaos theory to explain why we can't tell which side the drop will run down!


  • The dialectic between Hammond’s intrepid scientific exploration and exploitation of nature and chaotician Ian Malcolm’s insistence that nature not be messed with made for a great dynamic.

    Jurassic Park vs. Jurassic Park 3: Lament for a Fallen Franchise | /Film

  • I'm reminded of Michael Chrichton's pop-chaotician from Jurassic Park, Dr. Ian Malcolm:



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  • According to Jurassic Park, this is a person who studies chaos. (Dinosaur chaos is also correct.)

    November 17, 2011