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  • n. The master of a castle; a castellan.

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  • n. castle-keeper, castellan

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A castellan.
  • n. In France, formerly, a territorial lord who had the right of possessing a castle.


Middle English chatelein, from Old French chastelain, from Latin castellānus, from castellum, castle; see castle.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
From French châtelain, itself from château ("castle") (Wiktionary)


  • Fortunately the maid-servant of an old man who lodged under me was waked by the noise, and got up and ran to call the chatelain, whose house was next to mine.

    The Confessions of J J Rousseau

  • Most Americans are sheep, I would state that 85% are, and who in GODS name wants to be a sheep!? wymer chatelain

    Poll: Bush most unpopular in modern history

  • A Princely Collection in Prague The story seems almost a fairy tale -- that someone who grew up in America, spoke only what he calls "survival Czech" at home, and was working in Boston real estate should become an acknowledged Czech prince and chatelain of one of Europe's most glorious private art collections.

    Twice Stolen, Now Returned:

  • In his company there were certain knights and squires, men of arms, who were more favourable to the French king than to the prince; and when they saw that the parties should fight, they stale from their masters and went to the French host; and they made their captain the chatelain of Amposte, [3] who was as then there with the cardinal, who knew nothing thereof till he was come to Poitiers.

    Chronicle and Romance (The Harvard Classics Series)

  • He was there more than fifteen days or the prince would speak with him because of the chatelain of Amposte and his men, who were against him in the battle of Poitiers.

    Chronicle and Romance (The Harvard Classics Series)

  • And when he was before the prince, he excused himself so sagely that the prince and his council held him excused, and so he fell again into the prince's love and redeemed out his men by reasonable ransoms; and the chatelain was set to his ransom of ten thousand franks, the which he paid after.

    Chronicle and Romance (The Harvard Classics Series)

  • When finally their friends the Bernois and their enemies of Fribourg proposed to install Jean provisionally at Gruyère under the protection of an armed force, the countess thought prudent to retire, leaving the château to the management of her chatelain.

    The Counts of Gruyère

  • M. Crapelet, with this title: {404} "Poésies morales et historiques d'Eustache Deschamps, écuyer, huissier d'armes des rois Charles V. et Charles VI., chatelain de Fismes et bailli de Senlis."

    Notes and Queries, Number 55, November 16, 1850

  • Maintenon's hospitality for the unhappy Charles X was obliged to ask shelter of its chatelain for himself and fleeing family.

    Royal Palaces and Parks of France

  • In the tympan of this portal, as in the dormer windows, is the device of Jean Cottereau, except in this case it is much more elaborate -- a Saint Michel and the dragon, surrounded by a "_semis de coquilles_" bearing the escutcheons of the chatelain -- _d'argent à lezards de sable_.

    Royal Palaces and Parks of France


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