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  • n. a digit or character, derived by applying a suitable algorithm to some data, used to check whether errors have occurred in transmission, storage or data entry
  • v. To compute a checksum.

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  • n. a digit representing the sum of the digits in an instance of digital data; used to check whether errors have occurred in transmission or storage


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  • Of course, it's assuming that whoever built the downloadable file, computed the checksum, and wrote the web page listing the checksum is honest, but it's still a useful check to make.

    How Do You Know If Your Download Really Has A Virus? | Lifehacker Australia

  • That's when Apple first introduced a special operation, called a checksum hash, into its products to ensure that Apple's devices were communicating with iTunes and not some other type of software.


  • A checksum is a fixed-size datum that is computed from a block of data.

    gHacks technology news

  • This has to do with a checksum, which is used to confirm the file. Forum

  • In September 2007, Apple introduced new software into iPod that runs a cryptographic operation on iTunes data, creating a special number called a checksum hash.

    Yahoo! News: Technology News

  • The latest iPods have a cryptographic "checksum" in their song databases that prevents third-party applications from synching with the portable music players.

    Boing Boing

  • Lexmark designed their printer program so that it would not accept a toner cartridge unless it received the correct "checksum" or validation number.

    The Public Domain Enclosing the Commons of the Mind

  • There were several data checks performed for each page, including counting the number of each consonant used, to ensure the copy was as good as the original (think of it like the "checksum" used to verify credit card numbers).

    Stand Firm

  • A signature is often a "checksum," a single, relatively short number that represents a theoretically unique characteristic of a program such as the sum of zeroes and ones in a program's bits.

    Ask Bob Rankin

  • Lastly I send a checksum which is a simple xor of all the data bytes to make sure the data got received without being corrupted.

    Usabilidoido [ feed completo ]


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