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  • n. The process reversing an encryption, i.e. the process which converts encrypted data into its original form.

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  • n. the activity of making clear or converting from code into plain text


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Verbal noun of decrypt, from de- + crypt (only attested in compounds, such as cryptogram) from Ancient Greek κρυπτός (kryptos, "hidden").


  • A multifunctional password decryption, removal and auditing solution

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • Multi Password Recovery (also known as MPR) is a small and easy to use multifunctional password decryption, removal and auditing solution.

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • PCSTATS 'examines the strengths and weaknesses of document password decryption giving you the knowledge you need to reclaim access.


  • · Implemented Firefox 3 SQLite password decryption

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • It provides on-the-fly data encryption and decryption which is fully transparent for you the user.

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • Most governments are capable of using rubber-hose or waterboard "decryption" methods - brute-force solutions not discussed in computer science classes.

    ZDNet News - News Page One

  • A third MIPS processor is used for all system security functions such as decryption and key generation.

    EE Times-Asia

  • Border Issues Inspections at borders, searching computers, demanding decryption of data.

    US in Police State Top 10

  • You know dvd decrypters are so common on the internet and many times for free the movie studios would not even make any money off the decryption software or otherwise.

    Fair Use? ‘Not under the DMCA,’ says MPAA

  • Cloud computing will likely reduce encryption and decryption times, promoting further adoption of these security controls, while likely demanding and promoting enhanced key strategies.

    Steve Hamby: 3 Key IT Trends That Will Drive Information Security Evolution


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