chemotherapeutic love



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  • adj. Of or having to do with chemotherapy.
  • n. A chemical agent used in chemotherapy

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  • adj. of or pertaining to chemotherapy; using chemotherapy; having properties beneficial for chemotherapy.

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  • adj. of or relating to chemotherapy


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chemo- +‎ therapeutic


  • I would like to digress at this point, to describe another use for allopruinol which materialized about 10 years later, because it typifies the kind of chemotherapeutic selectivity which can be achieved with purine analogs as the result of differences in the specificties of parasitic and mammalian enzymes.

    Nobel Lecture The Purine Path To Chemotherapy

  • She could not choose the chemotherapeutic agents he would be given or order the blood tests that frequently needed to be sent.

    Between Expectations

  • You know, most chemotherapeutic agents cause hair loss and nausea, and you get very sick and debilitated because not only are they killing the cancer cells, but they're also killing the healthy cells.

    'Pot Book' Explores History And Science Of Marijuana

  • Drugs used include cidofovir, interferon alpha and other experimental chemotherapeutic regimens.

    Recurrent Respiratory Papillomas

  • Future work must delineate the social and biological factors, including any differences in pharmacokinetics associated with chemotherapeutic agents, that account for disparities in outcome.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Be Careful. Trust No-One. Shut Up.

  • After all, aspirin was originally derived from willow bark, and the anticancer chemotherapeutic agent Taxol was derived from the bark of the Pacific yew tree.

    The Autoimmune Epidemic

  • The FDA said the "risk-benefit ratio of [Avastin] when added to the standard chemotherapeutic regimens ... may not be considered favorable."

    FDA Panel Says Avastin's Breast Cancer Indication Should Be Removed

  • Unfortunately, metastatic melanoma is extremely aggressive and very resistant to existing chemotherapeutic regimens.

    Forever Young

  • A “large-scale chemotherapeutic attack,” as one doctor put it, was needed to obliterate cancer.

    The Emperor of All Maladies

  • Unlike Frei, though, Canellos had turned from advocate to adversary of megadose chemo regimens, in part because he had been among the first to notice a devastating long-term side effect: as doses escalated, some chemotherapeutic drugs damaged the marrow so severely that, in time, these regimens could precipitate a premalignant syndrome called myelodysplasia, a condition that tended to progress to leukemia.

    The Emperor of All Maladies


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