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  • noun Any of various plants of the family Chenopodiaceae, which includes spinach, beets, and the goosefoots.

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  • noun A plant of the order Chenopodiaceæ.

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  • noun Any member of the family Chenopodioideae; the goosefoots


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[From New Latin Chēnopodiāceae, family name, from Chēnopodium, type genus : Greek khēn, goose; see ghans- in Indo-European roots + Greek podion, diminutive of pous, foot; see ped- in Indo-European roots.]


  • Samphire, a sparse low chenopod shrubland, occurs on tidal salt flats, typically of fine clay, between mangroves and the supratidal fringe.

    Kakadu National Park, Australia

  • To the south the region can be distinguished from the chenopod shrublands and grasslands of the Tirari-Stuart Stony Desert.

    Simpson desert

  • The ecoregion is a transition between wetter sclerophyll woodlands to the east and south, and the arid chenopod shrublands and woodlands to the north.

    Murray-Darling woodlands and mallee

  • Away from the water's edge understories include Acacia, Eremophila, and Melaleuca spp., with chenopod shrubs towards the drier margins.

    Murray-Darling woodlands and mallee

  • The habitat types within these reserves range from eucalypt woodland, chenopod shrubland, bluebush, lancewood, gidgee, and grasslands to Acacia woodlands.

    Mitchell grass downs

  • This region lies between the higher rainfall sclerophyll woodlands to the east and south, and the arid chenopod woodlands and shrublands north of the Murray and Darling Rivers.

    Murray-Darling woodlands and mallee

  • Stony areas of outwash from these mesas support chenopod scrublands.

    Mitchell grass downs

  • Along with sumpweed, chenopod, and sunflower, squash found in samples throughout the east proved older than the Bat Cave corn.

    North America's Vast Legacy

  • Buckwheat (_úgal_, _trúmba_, _dráwí_), amaranth (_chauláí_, _ganhár_, _sariára_), and a tall chenopod (_bathu_) are grown in the mountain zone.

    The Panjab, North-West Frontier Province, and Kashmir

  • Quinoa, domesticated thousands of years ago on Bolivia's arid high mountain plains and now often misrepresented as a grain, is actually a chenopod, related to species like beets and spinach.

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