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  • Middle English:
    chere (n.(1)) Also cher, chiere, chir(e, cheir.

    OF chiere, chere (from L cara, ultim. Gr. kára macron head).

    1.The human face; casten ~ upon, look at (sb.); the face or presence (of God); (b) the face (of a flower, star); surface.

    2.The face as expressing emotion, attitude, or character; facial expression, mien; glad of ~, with glade ~, etc.; (b) maken chere, make a (certain) face, assume or display a (certain) mien or expression; maken cheres, make faces, grimace.

    3.A gesture or act indicative of an attitude or intention; (b) outward appearance or show; display (of emotion); insincere show of affection; feined ~; frend of ~, insincere friend.

    4.The way in which one behaves; manner, bearing, behavior, or an instance of it; bele ~, ~ of court, polite or courtly manner.

    5.Frame of mind, state of feeling, spirit; mood, humor; casten ~ upon, set one's heart upon (sth.); chaungen ~, change (one's) mood or mind, esp. for the better; menden ~; of on ~, of one mind; god ~, good spirit, cheerfulness, gladness; (b) good cheer or humor; gladness, happiness, joy; taken ~ on honde, take heart, become cheerful; (c) what chere? how do you feel?, how are you?; (d) maken chere, to be in a (certain) mood; maken god ~, be of good cheer; maken (rial) ~, make merry, feast; etc.

    6. Kindness, friendliness, sympathy, hospitality (as shown a visitor or friend); glad ~, god ~; haven ~, enjoy someone's hospitality; haven ~ unto, be kind to (sb.); haven in ~, cherish (sb.); (b) short, ungodli ~, unkind reception or treatment (of a visitor).

    7. maken (sb.) chere, to treat (sb.) kindly or hospitably; welcome, entertain; also, to humor, amuse, or flatter (sb.); of a dog: to fawn; maken swich ~, treat in such a way (that); (b) maken fair, glad, god, gret ~, to receive or treat (sb.) kindly, affectionately, or hospitably.

    U of Mich Middle English Dict

    March 9, 2014