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  • adj. Pertaining to chiasmus.

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  • adj. In rhetoric, of the nature of chiasmus.


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  • One argument he often cites supporting the notion that a particular biblical book was written by a single author - an author religious people would like to believe was god - is the presence of something called chiastic, or "envelope," structure.

    The Full Feed from

  • Here, the primal "O" or "ah" of subapostrophic interjection seems hidden in the very principle of duration, as hypostasized in the appositional "one God, one law," and then taken up in chiastic echo within the effortless tip-toe alliteration of the chiastic

    Phonemanography: Romantic to Victorian

  • This obligation is learned from the chiastic structure itself.

    Female Purity (Niddah).

  • This chiastic structure suggests that there is more in common between these male and female discharges than the fact that the discharges are from the genitals and cause impurity.

    Female Purity (Niddah).

  • From a literary perspective, the book is an artistic masterpiece, constructed in two parts (1: 1 – 7: 32, 8: 1 – 16: 25), with each internally ordered by a threefold chiastic pattern.

    Judith: Apocrypha.

  • Her choice seems to indicate a basic misunderstanding of the chiastic parallels.

    Female Purity (Niddah) Annotated Bibliography.

  • In addition, she relates to the chiastic structure of Leviticus 15, behaviors during niddah, niddah observance in order to favor the production of male children, the bizarre “case” of the woman who began to menstruate during intercourse, and immersion for purification.

    Female Purity (Niddah) Annotated Bibliography.

  • Her analysis of the chiastic structure in Leviticus 15 compares niddah (= normal female) to zav (= abnormal male) rather than to the man who ejaculates (= normal male).

    Female Purity (Niddah) Annotated Bibliography.

  • Lepers rather than some divine revelation or act formed the chiastic center.

    Female Purity (Niddah) Annotated Bibliography.

  • Correct chiastic comparison would have allowed her to see that the normal male is privileged when compared to the “oozers” in the details of the purity system.

    Female Purity (Niddah) Annotated Bibliography.


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