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  • noun The military commander or chief of a thousand men; specifically, an ancient Greek military officer of varying rank; in the modern Greek army, a colonel.

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  • noun A commander of a thousand troops in Hellenistic Greece


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  • Note 59: The Wei-Suo system basically follows the Mongol Wanhu-Qianhu (myriarch-chiliarch) system. back

    Between Winds and Clouds: The Making of Yunnan (Second Century BCE to Twentieth Century CE)

  • Now as soldiers are ready for their commander, shod, clothed and armed: but it would be a hard thing, for the chiliarch to go round and shoe or clothe his thousand men; so also nature has formed the animals which are made for service, all ready, prepared, and requiring no further care.

    The Discourses of Epictetus

  • "The beast won't harm you, and your chiliarch will discipline you only if you have been false to your duty, I feel sure."

    The Urth of the New Sun

  • When they reached the mass of rock that was fast becoming Typhon's sleeve, the chiliarch concealed his wrists under his cape as I had suggested.

    The Urth of the New Sun

  • The chiliarch saluted and knelt to me as the castellan of the Citadel once had, and after a pause that grew embarrassingly long, his men and the young officer knelt too.

    The Urth of the New Sun

  • When the chiliarch had assured himself that none of the guardsmen would be able to see what lay beyond the curtain when it parted, he told me,

    The Urth of the New Sun

  • "You are to wait here," the chiliarch instructed me.

    The Urth of the New Sun

  • The Claw had returned -- not the Claw destroyed by Ascian artillery, nor even the Claw I had given the chiliarch of Typhon's Praetorians, but the Claw of the Conciliator, the gem I had found in my sabretache as Dorcas and I walked down a dark road beside the Wall of Nessus.

    The Urth of the New Sun

  • The chiliarch snarled, "And if the Autarch orders it, we'll toss you back."

    The Urth of the New Sun

  • The chiliarch hung from the top of this timber on a hook passed between his hands, which were manacled as my own had been.

    The Urth of the New Sun


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  • The commander or chief of a thousand men.

    December 12, 2008