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  • noun A goat antelope (Pantholops hodgsonii) of high mountainous regions of the Plateau of Tibet, having long straight horns in the male and an undercoat that is highly prized for its downy wool.

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  • noun A kind of antelope of western Tibet; a species of the genus Pantholops. Also chira.

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  • noun The Tibetan antelope, Pantholops hodgsonii.


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  • It is being slaughtered illegally by the thousands for its wool actually, the underfur of the chiru, which is known in the international market as "shahtoosh" or "king of wool."

    Ying Ying the Chiru (Tibetan Antelope), try not to buy shahtoosh

  • Fish and Wildlife Service to list the Tibetan antelope, also known as chiru, as an endangered species. News

  • The political sensitivity of the issue was demonstrated in 2006 by an award-winning photograph that appeared to show chiru bounding healthily below a passing train.

    When a Billion Chinese Jump

  • Nonsense, retorted Chinese scientists, who claimed more than 95 percent of chiru used the passes.

    When a Billion Chinese Jump

  • They are home to rare wild animals such as the black-necked crane, huge-horned argali sheep, wild yak, white-lipped deer, gazelle, snow leopards, and, of course, the chiru.

    When a Billion Chinese Jump

  • Selected as a mascot for the Beijing Olympics, the chiru, a talismanic creature that is actually more goat than antelope, is much in demand for its fine shahtoosh wool.

    When a Billion Chinese Jump

  • This ragtag patrol of two dozen vigilantes had been formed to fight off poachers threatening the chiru Tibetan antelope and other endangered species.

    When a Billion Chinese Jump

  • Species such as the Tibetan chiru and the gray snub-nosed monkey have been brought back from the brink.

    When a Billion Chinese Jump

  • The railway is being built through the habitat of the chiru.

    When a Billion Chinese Jump

  • Peering through a pair of binoculars, our driver saw a chiru far in the distance on the stony plain.

    When a Billion Chinese Jump


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