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  • n. A light but warm Kashmiri shawl made with hair from the chiru, or Tibetan antelope (Pantholops hodgsonii), an endangered species.
  • n. Fibre used in the making of such shawls.


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  • It's called shahtoosh, and it comes from the chiru, an endangered wild Tibetan antelope.

    Passion For Pashmina

  • It is being slaughtered illegally by the thousands for its wool actually, the underfur of the chiru, which is known in the international market as "shahtoosh" or "king of wool."

    Ying Ying the Chiru (Tibetan Antelope), try not to buy shahtoosh

  • While 'Shining Spirit' is a film on Tibetan culture, songs and separated families, 'A Shawl to Die For 'traces the ancient handicraft of' shahtoosh 'weaving in Kashmir and traces its link to the hunting of Tibetan antelope or chiru in China to extract the fibre.

    India eNews

  • Two things I would give to everyone if I could: a book and a cashmere shahtoosh scarf like the one I mentioned.

    Cashmere King Brunello Cucinelli

  • For many years, I've traveled with an oversized shahtoosh scarf from India.

    Cashmere King Brunello Cucinelli

  • Selected as a mascot for the Beijing Olympics, the chiru, a talismanic creature that is actually more goat than antelope, is much in demand for its fine shahtoosh wool.

    When a Billion Chinese Jump

  • The wildlife zoologist Richard Harris says the poaching was as vital to the local economy as opium cultivation in Afghanistan or coca growing in Colombia.27 Just as in those cases, the blame for the illegal trade ultimately rested with rich Western consumers who buy expensive shahtoosh shawls.

    When a Billion Chinese Jump

  • Its wool is said to be even softer than pashmina -- a pure shahtoosh wrap is sometimes called a ring scarf because it is so delicate that a whole shawl can be easily slipped through a gold wedding ring.

    Passion For Pashmina

  • It's illegal to buy or sell shahtoosh under the U.N. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, but there's a black market; a shahtoosh shawl starts at about $8,000.

    Passion For Pashmina

  • It is, admittedly, about the threat to the Tibetan antelope, whose fur is used to make the highly coveted shahtoosh scarves.

    Surprise, Surprise!


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  • Really? Neat!

    March 12, 2008

  • Newsweek (March 10, 2008) defines this as "the hair of endangered antelopes."

    March 12, 2008