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  • adj. resembling a chisel


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  • Then Saro was in my face with the chisel-like tip of the tanto blade under my chin.

    Mercy Kill

  • "We found many, many chisel-like tools, indicating that people were working bone, working wood, you know, many hard materials," he said.

    New Discoveries Suggest Earlier Settlement of Americans

  • They start with a battering stick, then a use a chisel-like stick, followed by a hard-pointed stick, finally ending with a long slender flexible dip stick to pull out the honey.

    Jeff Schweitzer: An Octopus Garden on 61 Virginis

  • While compiling the book, Cooper obtained a police report, dated July 23, 1954, that says police made a casting of a chisel-like mark found on a basement door.

    Hunting 'The Fugitive'

  • Modern beavers have chisel-like teeth for gnawing on wood.

    Dr. West, meet Dr. Tinkle, Creationist eugenicist - The Panda's Thumb

  • The black man had one frenzied vision of champing, foaming jaws, of great chisel-like tusks flashing in the moonlight ... ... presently the moonlight fell on a black shape sprawled amidst the dabbled coverings of the couch on the floor; a greyish, shambling form moved silently across the chamber toward the window whose broken bars leaned out against the stars.

    The Coming of Conan The Cimmerian

  • And as the car heeled over on two wheels, beginning a high-speed roll that could have only one ending, that analytical part of his mind that was not screaming in terror was calculating just how easy it would be for a pair of huge, chisel-like teeth to shear through a brake-line.


  • When angered they growl, sometimes noisily, and they can suddenly jump on aggressors, real or imagined, delivering frightful wounds with their chisel-like front teeth thrust forward like a spear.

    15 Agouti

  • She had the wire, which was stretched between the arms of her chair, pulled back tightly against her chest, a short arrow, or bolt, lying gently across the bow, its point fashioned from the thin, shining spike of an electrical screwdriver, the blade of which Toss had filed down to a vicious chisel-like edge.


  • A gnawer by nature, the hamster had formidable, chisel-like incisors in both upper and lower jaws, and it knew how to use them.



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