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  • n. A tangled, knotted, or intertwined mass.
  • v. To become tangled, knotted or intertwined.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To nibble.


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  • O'BRIEN: The man who was once known as the snaggle-toothed killer is getting an extreme makeover.

    CNN Transcript Nov 19, 2004

  • We were feeling kind of snaggle-toothed for a while there. - NEWS

  • Derek clocked him right in his snaggle-toothed mouth.


  • She (along with my father) can be credited with my not, at this very moment, lying naked (apart from a pair of sunglasses) in a gutter somewhere, a variety of illegal substances coursing through my system, nursing a broken nose with one last remaining snaggle-tooth hanging on for dear life.

    Jason Kitchen: To My Dearest Mumsy: Thank You for Not Being a 'Tiger Mother'

  • With chef Clark operating the camera and Smith serving as a one-woman troupe, the two just wanted to amuse themselves over some of the frustrations, minor and otherwise, they encounter: a snaggle-toothed customer who mistakes a molar chip for a piece of glass, a neighbor who can't grasp the no-fried-chicken-on-Sunday menu, the husband who races to the counter, leaving the door ajar and his poor wife behind in the parking lot.

    Gillian Clark: The chef people love to hate?

  • I say this not to be cruel - I had a horrible snaggle tooth as a child, which luckily was knocked out by a horse, along with several other teeth, so I'm sympathetic to the whole problem of how dental implants cost as much as having a car parked in your mouth.

    Holly Robinson: Saying Goodbye to Siobhan Was an Idol Shocker

  • Steve Buscemi inReservoir Dogs, down to the last snaggle tooth.

    Mescaline Blues

  • Where Homer wrote of a wine-dark sea, Time invented similar compound adjectives to describe people in the news - for instance, flabby-chinned and snaggle-toothed.

    A Publishing Titan's 'Life' And 'Time'

  • Hitchens swore off smoking a couple of years back in an orgy of self-improvement concocted by Vanity Fair, whose editors talked him into writing about getting a Brazilian bikini wax and prettifying his "British teeth," which he remembers as "crooked and jagged snaggle-fangs."

    An easy label for Christopher Hitchens? Careful, it could be a fighting word

  • MACMILLAN: A snaggle-toothed old Etonian cuckold burdened (like Dave) by a guilt-complex about his wealth, leading him to let spending inflation rip as PM and laying the grounds for the economic disasters of the 1960s.

    Tony Blair: The Next Labour Prime Minister?


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