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  • adj. Resembling a dagger or some aspect of one.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

dagger +‎ -like


  • He flipped over my hand and sunk his daggerlike teeth into the back of my wrist.

    My Fair Succubi

  • She could see straight through, to his hollow jaw and the two rows of red daggerlike teeth within.


  • Sometimes, a graceful gray heron would stand on its thin legs in the shallow marshes not far away and occasionally spear a fish or a frog with its daggerlike bill.

    Men Don't Leave Me

  • Unlike tapeworms, the hookworm has a mouth—a powerful one ringed with daggerlike teeth and attached to a powerful, muscle-lined esophagus.

    Parasite Rex

  • He opened his eyes and immediately wished he hadnt, as now the black void into which he was falling was framed alarmingly closely on all sides by the jagged rock walls of the cave, their daggerlike shapes illuminated by the eerie green glow of the helmets night vision.

    The Overload Protocol

  • The bear was rearing up on its hind legs, baring its huge teeth and daggerlike claws.

    Hell’s Gate

  • Something tugged at his right hand and the Gryphon jumped away, landing in a combat position with his daggerlike claws extended.


  • Their teeth are "rasping," sandpaperlike, instead of daggerlike.

    Zoo’s New ‘Touch the Sharks’ Exhibit | Impact Lab

  • To those in my milieu, there is no sight more dreaded than their daggerlike dorsal fin.

    Pirates In Tuxedos

  • One of the adult loons raised its head, opened its black, daggerlike beak and emitted the famous aaaWHAAhaooo, its voice catching at the beginning of each distinct note.

    Just the Birds, the Fish and Me


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