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  • adj. Having many gaps.


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  • Hume does not restrict coherence to 'gappy' series of impressions; in fact, Hume says that objects "have a certain coherence even as they appear to our senses."

    Part of a Paper on Hume's Discussion of Coherence in Treatise 1.4.2

  • Nonetheless, a continuous hedge is desirable, and there are some reports of "gappy" hedges exacerbating erosion by channelling the water.

    4 Questions and Answers

  • Joseph Leary , U.S. interest rate strategist at Citigroup Global Markets Inc. in New York, said trading in Treasury bonds market will remain "gappy" as the euro-zone crisis doesn't appear to be resolved any time soon.

    Treasury Prices Pull Back

  • The woman lifted her head and gave her a gappy grin.

    Songs of Love & Death

  • Security officers took aside a little girl, five or six years old, with a gappy smile, and wanded her thighs up under her skirt.

    The Fiddler in the Subway

  • The university's image library was gappy and scratched, so Abner had drawn samples from his private collection.

    Jigsaw Magic

  • The reason for the condition that any rule be an explicitly stated rule of inference for the system is because we want to make room for gappy yet valid proofs.

    Non-Deductive Methods in Mathematics

  • In the case of veridical perception the cluster of properties is represented within a content that is singular and object-dependent, whereas in the case of hallucination the cluster of properties is represented within a content that is ˜gappy™.

    Petty Injuries

  • Over the years my Daphne Du Maurier collection has become ragged and gappy where I've lent and lost originals so a refurbishment seemed affordable and actually a few in here I didn't have first time round.

    Itching to confess

  • One's finished and just needs to be revised and the other has a gappy place in the middle that needs to be filled in.

    February 7th, 2006


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