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  • adj. Similar to a shark.
  • adj. Similar to that of a shark; as, a sharklike grin, sharklike teeth, a sharklike frenzy.
  • adj. Cartilaginous.


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  • His ugly, sharklike mouth opened, and an animal screech of agony rang in the air.

    End of Time

  • This is pretty much like me walking into a bookstore having a half-price sale** ie, sharklike frenzy.

    Hobart and Happiness

  • That's the old Michael Millken firm, known for its sharklike culture, whiich went bankrupt after pleading "nolo contendre" to multiple felonies.

    Richard (RJ) Eskow: By Not Challenging the Tea Party, the White House Makes It Stronger

  • Though his gap-toothed smile would light up his face, anger him and he revealed a very dark side, a natural ferocity accentuated by intimidating, sharklike eyes.

    Kill the Irishman

  • These are some pretty wicked looking fish with sharklike teeth!

    what is the weirdest fish you caught and where did you catch it (our weird fish in maine is the fallfish) ?

  • The media's success at generating ratings by drumming politicians out of office has created an incentive to keep moving, sharklike, on to the next meal.


  • The creature snarled, exposing sharklike pointed teeth, and then it lurched toward them.

    Enchanted Ivy

  • And those cold, sharklike eyes told me right away that he also was a killer—not some cat burgler or junkie thief who killed when he needed money, or killed in a panic, or killed because he got off on it.

    Dancing with the Devil

  • It grinned, opening wide to display three rows of sharklike teeth.

    Artemis the Brave

  • Lumping together "the media" as some sort of nebulous, sharklike entity happens everywhere, not just in games -- when in fact we have neutral news reporters, those who focus on putting an entertaining slant on events, those who focus on interpreting all issues through a specific viewpoint, those that cover broader headlines and those that focus on specific industries, and each has its own level of usefulness to different audiences.

    Archive 2008-09-01


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  • sharklike a man, tark like a man, walk like a man my son ♫

    -(Frankie Valli and the Four Sea-Fins)

    October 2, 2015