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  • adj. Like a wolf.

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  • adj. resembling or characteristic (or considered characteristic) of a wolf


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  • Arkansas, man was walking his dogs when they ran into four "wolflike" creatures.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • The paper called the assault "wolflike" in a front-page headline.


  • While they share a bunch of traits that seem superficially more 'wolflike' than more 'derived' breeds-- less obedient, more pack oriented, single annual estrous, more likely to howl and yodel than bark a lot, den- digging-- they still fall strongly on the dog rather than wolf side of the divide behaviorally, still have more neotenic skulls, up- curled tails, still watch humans for cues and want to please-- the whole suite of things Darren mentioned, and more.

    Dog Origins

  • MORPHED: WHEN WHALES HAD LEGS examines the environmental pressures that turned a wolflike creature that hunted in shallow waters into a leviathan of the seas.

    Happy Birthday Darwin!

  • The flight attendant looks at me in horror as Abraham Lincoln breaks free from the carrier and leaps onto my lap, still screeching, his mouth pulled back in a wolflike grimace.

    Dirty Secret

  • The twenty or so mangy, wolflike canines bared their teeth and howled before taking off for a dowdy Soviet-style municipal building.

    Welcome to My World

  • He has taken it upon himself to tend to the town's abandoned cats and dogs, including the wolflike Aki.

    Solitary holdout refuses to leave Japan nuke zone

  • For example Professor Lupin is a werewolf, and the SAT word “lupine” means wolflike!

    IN THE WORLD OF ‘THE TWILIGHT SAGA’: NEWS FOR 10/17 & 10/18 | Open Society Book Club Discussions and Reviews

  • Of course, there was a price for being Special—the small matter of a new face: wolflike teeth and cold, dull eyes that terrified everyone you met.

    Scott Westerfeld: Uglies Quartet

  • Her eyes were coal black and wolflike, her skin swathed in flash tattoos, every feature sharp and cruel.

    Scott Westerfeld: Uglies Quartet


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