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  • adj. Similar to a dog; canine.
  • adj. Similar to that of a dog; as, a doglike nose, doglike devotion.
  • adj. Befitting a dog; as, doglike treatment.
  • adv. In a doglike way.
  • adv. As one would act toward a dog; as, to treat someone doglike.

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  • adj. resembling a dog; especially in devotion


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dog +‎ -like


  • The name Cynic, derived from the Greek word for a dog, is variously accounted for, some attributing it to the 'doglike' habits of the school, others to their love of 'barking' criticism, others to the fact that a certain gymnasium in the outskirts of Athens, called

    A Short History of Greek Philosophy

  • The wives become screaming harridans or, broken-spirited and doglike, lose what little decency and self-respect they have remaining over from their maiden days, and all sink together, unheeding, in their degradation and dirt.


  • At the shoulder, the arm attached to a deformed body, one with a doglike rib cage, deep rather than wide.

    Arcane Circle

  • During The Shadows tired and disillusioned Exploration Team leader Barrier finds the remnants of a race destroyed by astrological catastrophe, and their faithful doglike servants.

    Archive 2010-01-01

  • The Chauvet Cave "dogwolf"—the term I use for a doglike, or highly socialized, wolf who kept company with humans—is controversial, but it cannot easily be dismissed.

    From the Cave to the Kennel

  • Though you do need a little room at least a 20-by-20-foot pen and some solid fencing, goats are easy keepers and the most doglike pets I know of.

    Vet's view: Best/worst pets for allergic kids

  • Lip-lip not existed, he would have passed his puppyhood with the other puppies and grown up more doglike and with more liking for dogs.

    The Enemy of His Kind

  • Twenty-two horrors and twice as many of the doglike terrors stared at her from all around the room.

    365 tomorrows » Sam Clough : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • Bryce has turned Vicky 2 into a doglike character.

    Twilight Lexicon » Rachelle LeFevre Supporting Her Twilight Family

  • One called her “the sloppy second” and another a not fan asked “If she was a part of the wolf pack?” saying her look and facial expressions were doglike.

    Twilight Lexicon » Kellan and Ashley Still To Sign on the Dotted Line


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