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  • adj. Reminding of a lizard.
  • adv. Like a lizard.


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  • Hearing his slimy voice that so perfectly matches his lizardlike face brings up images of what Satan must have looked and sounded like, tempting Jesus in the wilderness.

    Marist: Chuckie Schumer (D, NY) dropped seven points since September. | RedState

  • Several creatures with serpentine bodies—maybe three feet plus change in length—and feathered, lizardlike heads flew out from the mouths of the tunnels, carried on multiple, hummingbird-quick wings.

    Etched in Bone

  • The tuatara, a nocturnal lizardlike reptile from New Zealand, shares a nest with the diurnal petrel, a sea bird.

    For young readers: ‘How to Clean a Hippopotamus'

  • The chief of these other than hard work and hard living in a dry desert landscape is a giant lizardlike creature that eats all their crops, and is mostly impervious to standard weaponry.

    Archive 2010-03-01

  • The frosty planetary vista on the main viewer abruptly vanished, replaced by a leering, lizardlike countenance that bore only a passing resemblance to that of the Gorn technologist who had accompanied the just-departed second away team.

    Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Seize the Fire

  • It clattered to the floor, barely missing the lizardlike tail of another godboy, who flicked his forked tongue in annoyance at him and then scuttled away.

    Aphrodite the Beauty

  • The return message came a few seconds later, in the mouth of a cartoonish avatar, its sad puppy eyes and floppy puppy ears a mismatch with the lizardlike torso and dragon tail.


  • He climbed out of the pool; before he had done more than stand, a little lizardlike hertasi appeared with a speed that was close to magical.

    Widows and Orphans

  • Ayshen was a typical specimen of his race; he came to just about chest-high on a human; his blunt, lizardlike head boasted a formidable set of teeth, a rounded cranium, and eyes set so that he had binocular vision, like an owl or a human.

    Elephant in the City

  • Yet it was her lizardlike way of listening, something Buddy did too when he was thoughtful, as though you received vibrations on your tongue.



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