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  • n. A knife.
  • v. To stab, to knife.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Romani chiv, chive.


  • He shortly returned and said, 'I had to "chiv" that fellow, he was not dead,' a cant word, meaning that he had to stab him.

    Following the Equator

  • Carrying a blade or 'chiv' in Scotland was rife in the late 40's/50's.

    Army Rumour Service

  • Still, he'd been able to forge some of his cooper's tools, and he had two adzes, a chiv, three hollowing knives, and his planer.


  • Kharl glanced at Warrl, who had been working with the chiv to smooth the rims of a red oak slack barrel.

    Wellspring of Chaos

  • The chiv-less humans followed more slowly, slipping and sliding in their boots.

    The Deluge Drivers

  • His chiv had seen so much use they had been worn down nearly flush with the thick pads of his feet.

    The Deluge Drivers

  • So saying, she spun on her chiv and skated back into the crowd without waiting politely for a formal dismissal from Landgrave.

    The Deluge Drivers

  • It was only natural their nude forms would draw attention, with their flat feet devoid of skatelike chiv, their danless arms, and their largely furless bodies.

    The Deluge Drivers

  • They will lose their dan and chiv and long fur and adopt the golden-furred Saia state millennia earlier than other-wise.

    The Deluge Drivers

  • It was designed to chiv "- and he made a shoving gesture with his right paw -" across solid ice.

    The Deluge Drivers


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  • It's a knife, razor, etc. Also shiv

    June 15, 2008