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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of chivvy.


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  • I fancy he has himself been 'chivvied' by the hawk, as the gypsies would say. "

    The Romany Rye a sequel to "Lavengro"

  • Yet the German and French governments, chivvied by the European Central Bank, do not insist that Greece service its debts at all costs as a favor to the banks.

    Why We Aren't Bashing Banks

  • But all of that stuff has to happen in the back of my brain, which can be encouraged but will not be chivvied along.

    life was easy when it was boring

  • In another slight change in proceedings, last week's audition rounds showed more actual singers and far less emotionally adrift "local eccentrics" chivvied on to be heckled by 4,000 friends.

    The X Factor: Grace Dent's TV OD

  • He disliked his schooldays, although he was a useful rugby player and remembered with deep gratitude "Joe" Craddock, a master who proved kindly under his gruff exterior, and who chivvied the boys in his German class to such effect that Judt still commanded the language more than 40 years on.

    Tony Judt obituary

  • Polly tossed her head as she chivvied Ellen up the steps.

    The Dressmaker

  • It's all part of Nige the showman's lumpy mix of music hall, jazz club Dvor├ík on harmonica, anyone? and rock concert, all chivvied along with lashings of bonhomie but set within the context of fiercely disciplined music-making.

    Nigel Kennedy/ Orchestra of Life; Sir Charles Mackerras Memorial Concert; Jonas Kaufmann

  • The men's dinner came over at midday; she served them out, made sure that it was eaten, and afterwards gently chivvied the men to their beds for their rest period.

    You Don't Take Names

  • "And we, you," the nurse replied, and with a friendly nod, turned and chivvied her charge away to his supper and bed.

    Tran Siberian

  • She infected him with her enthusiasm as she chivvied him into taking her on a guided tour of the various special quarters which accommodated the more esoteric sentient races of the FSP in their own atmosphere or gravity.

    Cattle Town


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  • 1 : tease or annoy with persistent petty attacks

    2 : to move or obtain by small maneuvers

    February 19, 2010

  • "...Stephen and the parson were chivvied off the poop to the quarterdeck. Five minutes later the tide of powerful cleaners dislodged them once again and they moved on to the gangway..."

    --Patrick O'Brian, The Ionian Mission, 90

    A Sea of Words: chivvy To harry, harass, trouble, worry. (143)

    February 13, 2008