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  • n. The aspect of color in the Munsell color system by which a sample appears to differ from a gray of the same lightness or brightness and that corresponds to saturation of the perceived color.

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  • n. Color.
  • n. The aspect of a colour's hue that depends on the amount of white or black in it; saturation

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  • n. In music: In Greek music, a modification of the usual diatonic scale.
  • n. The sign by which a note is raised or lowered a semitone; a sharp, ♯, or a flat, ♭.
  • n. An eighth-note or quaver, ♪. See croma.
  • n. A semitone or half-step, whether large or small. See semitone.
  • n. In rhetoric, a figure of speech which consists in speaking so as not to offend the hearer.
  • n. The degree of departure of a color-sensation from that of white or gray; the intensity of distinctive hue; color-intensity.
  • n. [capitalized] [NL.] In entomology, a genus of lepidopterous insects.
  • n. A double sharp, ×, or double flat, d♭.

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  • n. chromatic purity: freedom from dilution with white and hence vivid in hue


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Greek khrōma, color.

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From Ancient Greek χρῶμα (chroma, "color")


  • The term chromatic derives from the Greek word chroma, meaning color.

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  • The name chromium was derived from the Greek word chroma which means color, in reference to the fact that chromium is known to cause a number of colors in a variety of materials.


  • You've defined the word chroma as both the "absence of white" and "the intensity of distinctive hues".

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  • Maybe worth mentioning that Casey uses intensity when other people might say "chroma" - the strength of a colour

    Color Wheel Question

  • To put it another way, perceived "purity" of a colour is not determined by its saturation but by its chroma, which is saturation times lightness.

    Peak Saturation Value

  • Many color wheels include the dimension of grayness versus intensity, known as chroma, also commonly called saturation.

    The Color Wheel, Part 3

  • Windows Movie Maker (which comes free with Windows) is a good entry-level program that I use for the students in eigth grade, but to be able to greenscreen (called chroma key) and insert royalty free music, this tool is GREAT.

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  • Vicki, are you sure Pinnacle 10 doesn't have green screen aka chroma key?

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  • Yet one writer says, “This yellow shades into green,” which is certainly a change of hue, and then speaks of “a brighter shade” in spite of his evident intention to suggest a stronger chroma, which is neither a shade nor brighter luminosity.

    A Color Notation A measured color system, based on the three qualities Hue, Value and Chroma

  • The great thing is you can really start to understand how the values shift in relation to chroma which is a very subtle and sometimes difficult thing to get in painting.

    Painting with Jacob Collins


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