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  • n. The pattern of separated substances obtained by chromatography.

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  • n. The visual output from a chromatograph. Usually a graphical display or histogram.

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  • n. the paper strip, column, gel, or TLC plate on which subsances have been separated by a process of chromatography{2}.
  • n. the record of the results of a process of chromatography{2}, produced by an instrument which measures some property related to the concentration of substances over the course of a chromatographic process. The record may be printed, for example, on a piece of paper, showing the concentration of some substance as a function of time or volume; or it may be retained in a computer and displayed on a video display terminal.

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  • n. the recording (column or paper strip) on which the constituents of a mixture are adsorbed in chromatography


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  • The red line is the TIC for the chromatogram, while the black lines are the extracted ion chromatograms of individual m/z ion peaks in the mass spectral dimension, and, only of peaks detected using XCMS using the new centWave method by Ralf.

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  • As the chromatogram is developed with the same solvent, two blue fluroescing zones appear on the alumina column.

    L.S.D., R.I.P.

  • At present, modern technology has been adopted and includes: microscope appraisal, thin layer chromatogram, thin colorimeter, thin luminosity chromatogram, the combination of the chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometer, and the highly effective liquid chromatography.

    Chapter 8

  • Hanwei Valve owns patents for a 24-way rotary valve used in simulating moving bed molecular sieve absorption-separation units in large-scale petrochemical equipment, for chromatogram separation units used in bioengineering, and for fully welded ball valves used in long distance gas pipelines. News Articles

  • · Fixed crash when concatenating chromatogram and non-chromatogram sequences

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • · Fixed crash in primer design when working with an alignment containing both chromatogram and non-chromatogram sequences

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • Figure 4A shows a segment of the sequencing chromatogram of

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  • The high sequence depth, combined with the digital nature of the NGS data, enables secure identification of heteroplasmic nucleotide loci in a way not previously possible given the analog nature of Sanger chromatogram data.

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  • Its advanced raw data visualizer enables significantly faster renderings, automatic m/z peak position labeling, display of 2D peak bounds in chromatogram cuts, and shared selections between peak clusters and annotation tables. Featured News and Stories

  • Part of Genedata Expressionist® 6 for omics data management, the new Refiner MS provides enhanced capabilities for Mass Spectrometry (MS) - based biomarker discovery, including sophisticated statistical analysis capabilities for large-volume data sets, new annotation framework, and improved spectrum and chromatogram visualizers. Featured News and Stories


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