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  • n. A Japanese corporate businessman.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Anglicization of Japanese sarariman, salaried man : English salary + English man.

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From salary +‎ man, later after Japanese サラリーマン (sararīman) (itself from English).


  • The term salaryman refers exclusively to males, and for females the term career woman is used.

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  • Astonishingly, Mr. Kikuchi - whose thin and muscular build is at odds with his long career behind a desk as a corporate "salaryman"- held on for 14 hours, from 3 p.m. that day until dawn the morning after.

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  • The trademark of the salaryman is his conservative dark suit, called a sebiro in Japanese, which probably came from the English word "civil" since they are civilian clothes, i.e. not a military uniform.

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  • They have to be a parody of the kind of salaryman concerns you see in things like Shima Kôsaku.

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  • After graduating college, he became a "salaryman" at Maruzen Oil Co., the predecessor to Cosmo Oil Co.

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  • Incidentally, I don't see my husband that often because he's always working (he's a "salaryman"), so in my case, marriage is more like chocolate cake every weekend for the rest of my life, which sounds pretty good to me.

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  • It's been the sarariman, or "salaryman", for years and years.

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  • "I lead two separate lives -- during the day, I'm a full-time 'salaryman' in a web design company, but at night I come to '2-chome' to work here as a barman," said Yuu, who declined to give his last name. Latest

  • "Tokyo Sonata" - "The master of Japanese chills," Kiyoshi Kurosawa departs from his specialty for this domestic drama about the intricate lies a "salaryman" who loses his job creates to protect his family.

  • The main character is a suit, an office worker, a "salaryman" if you will - and like all characters in the game he has no face and is a 3D polygonal pixellated-looking dude whose movements are based upon motion-capture sessions with a proper human dancer, dig?

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  • Used in the book World War Z sections with "oral history" from Japan.

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