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  • noun Plural form of chronology.


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  • Prior to AD 1200, there is more separation between the subset chronologies, which is consistent with the significant decline in replication described earlier.

    Cook et al[2004]: More Cargo Cult? « Climate Audit

  • The fi rst PC had positive loadings for all chronologies, and it was interpreted as the common variability of the network of chronologies, that is, as a macroclimatic signal.

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  • Figure 1 below shows top panel (mean ring widths) and bottom panel (age-adjusted "chronologies") for upper and lower sites in the Spring Mtns NV (Charleston Peak).

    Upper and Lower Bristlecone Sites « Climate Audit

  • The tree ring data is described in the SI as "temperature reconstructions" – the original data is actually ring width "chronologies".

    Collation of Moberg Data « Climate Audit

  • Graybill and Idso 1993 hypothesized that tree ring "chronologies" for strip-bark forms would respond to higher CO2 concentrations in proportion to the total biomass response (benchmarked on their sour orange experiments), while "chronologies" for entire-bark forms would respond in proportion to trunk cross-sectional area (also benchmarked on sour orange experiments).

    Bristlecone "Adjustment" #2 « Climate Audit

  • Impressionistically, periods of long-term high RW "chronologies" seem to be somewhat biased to periods of low recruitment and vice versa.

    Tornetrask #2 « Climate Audit

  • By contrast, many more recent studies seem to jump into a discussion of the ring width or MXD "chronologies" and statistical manipulations thereon, while leaving the actual site undescribed.

    Lamarche [1973] on Treelines #1 « Climate Audit

  • And then I developed a long -- kind of chronologies of events.

    Time and Change: Gerald Ford's Appointment with History

  • A chunk of Cordesman's "strategic analysis" consisted of reproducing verbatim the daily press releases of the Israeli air force and army spokespersons, which he then dubbed "chronologies" of the war. Main RSS Feed

  • Cordesman knew that "IDF forces almost certainly were correct in reporting that Hamas used mosques and other sensitive sites in combat" because that is what his "chronologies" based on IDF press releases stated. Main RSS Feed


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