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  • n. Plural form of pathology.


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  • Instead it is rather what he calls the pathologies of hyper-expressivity, so well diagnosed by Baudrillard, that need to be resisted not through the infinite speeds of the rhizomatic plane of immanent desire, but through a corporeal, therapeutic slowing down in order to open the body and the soul to otherness, and to revitalise the jaded sensibilities of the 21 st Century human organism.

    Mute magazine - Culture and politics after the net - CULTURE AND POLITICS AFTER THE NET

  • But thinking more broadly, one of the contributing pathologies is that government budgeting takes a libertarian form.


  • If this were a medical issue and one group or another were the principal victims of certain pathologies, the media would be screaming to provided focused research to solve the problem.

    Sound Politics: Turning A Blind Eye To Fatherless Black Babies

  • Given what we know about your self-aggrandizement and what people 3 years ago identified as your pathologies, I think we know how seriously to take your claims.

    Matthew Yglesias » Why Choose?

  • In medicine and the social sciences, from a manpower and resources standpoint - it makes sense to target groups where the pathologies are a greater problem - rather than pretend the pathology is uniformly distributed.

    "Harsh, noteless, enormous noise, a growling, low-pitched, screaming sound … drain[s] out like a sob lasting fully a minute."

  • Tanenhaus discusses the "Moynihan Report" on the black family sympathetically without acknowledging that what got Moynihan in trouble was his emphasis on "pathologies" found in the black family and tracing this "sickness" back several generations to slavery.

    Joseph A. Palermo: Sam Tanenhaus, The Death of Conservatism (Review)

  • But somehow this respect for staying on topic this is about climate change, by the way doesn't apply to people like Crowell when he brings religion, Sarah Palin etc, the "pathologies" of the conservative mind into the discusssion.

    An Astronomical Perspective on Climate Change | Universe Today

  • The issue of conditions of service of public servants was clearly important when it came to retaining the services of the best, to keep them motivated, but also to avoid any "pathologies" associated with public servants experiencing financial problems - excessive moonlighting, higher incidence of temptation for graft and corruption, and the like.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • So if this is a problem that is that difficult to deal with by women who actually understand something about the misogyny that underwrites these socially constructed "pathologies," how is it that anyone expects the women in these commercial treatment facilities to "recover," if the deeper source of their problem -- internalized patriarchy -- is intentionally concealed from them, and avoided like the plague in Recovery Orthodoxy as an "outside issue"?

    Stan Goff: Reflecting on Thin

  • Some people suffer from "pathologies" of thought, often traceable to brain chemistry.

    Arguing in the Streets


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