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  • noun physics A hypothetical quantum or particle of time.


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  • A chronon is the length of time it takes one quantum of energy to push one electron from one electronic orbit to the next.

    The Ideal

  • "All this reminded me that though we-humanity, that is-know the elementary particles of matter and energy, know the unit of gravity, have even (so Scotty tells me) identified something called the chronon which is the smallest possible bit into which time can be divided, we do not know the elementary unit of consciousness.

    Spock Must Die

  • "Exactly as the particles of matter are the smallest pieces of matter that can exist, just as there is no such thing as a half of an electron, or for that matter, half a quantum, so the chronon is the smallest possible fragment of time, and the spation the smallest possible bit of space.

    The Ideal

  • It uses a particle called the "impious chronon ..."

    Living Here in the Future

  • Harvey thinks it is the representative ex on (chronon) in the

    ANF01. The Apostolic Fathers with Justin Martyr and Irenaeus

  • Whitehead, and of “chronon” of some contemporary physicists.


  • Then was the "Lamb slain," apo katazoles kosmou, Rev.xiii. 8, presently "after the foundation of the world:" and thence is grace in him said to be given to the elect, pro chronon aionion, Tit.i. 2, "many ages ago."

    The Sermons of John Owen

  • It is true that for practical purposes, that is, on the macrophysical level where the magnitude of Planck's constant h can be disregarded, and where the interval of chronon is practically equivalent to a mathematical instant, time remains very approximately continuous.


  • The chronon theory would remove the distinction between physical, infinitely divisible duration and psychological time — or rather it would reduce this distinction to that of degree only, the physical “chronons” being of incomparably shorter temporal span than the temporal minima sen


  • Ta teleiotika gar to telei pheronumos anaphainetai, te prokope kai auxesei ton pragmaton kai ton chronon hoia stephanos anarrheseos epi tois athletikois hidrosi kata to telos enarmozomenos.



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