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  • noun In mathematics, a determinant having all the elements of the principal diagonal equal, and those of every row the same as those of any other cyclically transposed.

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  • noun mathematics A circulant matrix


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  • But the basic Weyl circulant is only one of the MUB factors, coming from the braided (MUB) 1-circulants, with entries that are roots of unity, give rise to more general large complex matrices with one entry in each row and column.

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  • In vector space arithmetic, instead of ordinary combination of circulant primes in a matrix ordinal $n$ is a product.

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  • It follows that a Koide matrix is an exponential of the matrix The first entry of the circulant $A$ is $\textrm {log} (\sqrt {m_1 m_2 m_3}) $.

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  • For example, on the two dimensional circulant piece we have

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  • CKM circulant sum $X + iY$, the Fourier transform gives the sum of a diagonal and codiagonal matrix, which on rearranging rows and columns roughly equals

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  • La fraude au clic a été dernièrement le « sujet chaud » circulant dans le monde du marketing Web.

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