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  • n. A circle that passes through every vertex of a given triangle (or other polygon where possible)

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  • n. In mathematics, a circumscribed circle.


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  • ←→ ←→ In Figure 5.24, point P is on the circumcircle of ABC.

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  • Begin by considering the circumcircle of ABC (see Figure 6.5).

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  • For example, the perpendiculars drawn to the three sides of a triangle from any point on its circumcircle intersect the sides in three collinear points (Simson's invariant).

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  • Simson's Theorem The feet of the perpendiculars drawn from any point on the circumcircle of a triangle to the sides of the triangle are collinear.

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  • As an example consider what the circumcircle of a triangle that has all 3 of its points being collinear would look like, how would you write the routine to be robust, when would you need to have a robust routine like that?

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  • AD, BE&CF are cevians (not necessarily congruent) in triangleABCintersecting the circumcircle at P, Q, R (details)?

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