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  • n. A high-altitude cloud composed of a series of small, regularly arranged cloudlets in the form of ripples or grains.

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  • n. A principal high-level cloud type appearing as a thin, white patch of cloud without shadows, composed of very small droplets in the form of grains or ripples. The elements may be merged or separate, and more or less regularly arranged; they subtend an angle of less than 1° when observed at an angle of more than 30° above the horizon. Holes or rifts often occur in a sheet of cirrocumulus. Abbreviated Cc.


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  • A more accurate description might have been, "This cloud layer is in a condition between what we refer to as cirrocumulus and the one we call cirrus."


  • Only at the highest levels—up to 45,000 feet—do we find the ice-crystal clouds cirrus ("like white locks of hair"), cirrocumulus ("like grains of rice") and cirrostratus ("a light, milky whitening of the blue").

    Cirrus Concerns

  • High-altitude clouds—cirrus, cirrocumulus, and cirrostratus—reside between three and seven miles above sea level.


  • Around him, the mountains of southwest Montana towered, glistening peaks lit by snow at their higher altitudes, under a sky so blue it made your teeth ache and wads of cirrocumulus clouds piled high.

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  • It was a good blue one, with a few puffy cirrocumulus clouds, and some altostratus thrown in for contrast.

    Something Unpredictable

  • Cirrus followed by cirrostratus see below often precedes a depression, but cirrus or cirrocumulus may also be visible when a depression has passed and better weather is on the way.

    Sailing Fundamentals

  • Define the difference between cirrostratus, cirrocumulus, and stratocumulus and the type of weather or associated fronts related to each.

    Silver Wings, Santiago Blue

  • -- Night alternately clear and cloudy; cirrocumulus and cumulostratus moving northwards; no wind; beautifully mild for the time of year; in the morning some heavy clouds on the horizon.

    Successful Exploration Through the Interior of Australia

  • -- Night calm; sky during first part overcast with cirrocumulus clouds, most of which cleared away towards morning, leaving the air much colder; but the sky remained more or less hazy all night, and it was not nearly as cold as last night.

    Successful Exploration Through the Interior of Australia

  • A few cirrocumulus clouds were coming up from the east when we started, but we left them behind, and nothing was visible during the night but a thin hazy veil.

    Successful Exploration Through the Interior of Australia


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  • High-altitude cloud usually occurring at 16,000-40,000 feet.

    August 27, 2008