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  • n. beverage of clam juice and tomato juice used to make Bloody Caesar cocktails
  • n. Mott's brand clamato drink.


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From the trademark Clamato, a blend of clam and tomato


  • Half and half clamato juice and fresh squeezed orange juice, a piece each of onion and celery, juice from a couple of squeezed limes, seasoning salt and hot sauce to taste.

    Sangrita and sangria

  • We like some of the clamato added though as it gives that nice toxic red color like the bottled Sauza sangrita but doesn't leave a stick in your throat tomato flavor.

    Sangrita and sangria

  • Next thing: relax, watch t. v and at some point get a cold drink with lemon juice, salt and Clamato (always, always have clamato in your home ...).

    Hangover Cures: Myth, Legend, Fact | Lifehacker Australia

  • The first trend to reverse would be for wire service reporters to put down the clamato juice, step away from the lobster fest, and understand that marine life should not be described as "seafood."

    Deanne Stillman: It Came From Journalism School: AP Describes Vanishing Marine Life as "Seafood"

  • Beer and clamato juice is the way to go ... and get the extra spicy ... some places will call it a red eye and it's great for a change or for a hangover.

    Wine Library TV

  • If you can embrace the flavors, tomato, clamato (which you can make yourself using leftover juice from canned clams) and spicy V-8 can all be incorporated in a healthy way. The Ad-Free Personal Finance Blogs Aggregator

  • Fill remainder of glass with equal parts clamato and prune juice.

    The Bald Heretic

  • Then season to taste, the PARADE likes a little Old Bay Seasoning and Tabasco in a 2 beer to 1 clamato mix with a lemon juice squirt.

    Arrowhead Pride

  • I have to take issue with Wayne's inclusion of beef boullion in a Bloody Caesar because I'd always thought there was a different classification of drink called a bull shot that used beef boullion instead of tomato or clamato juice.

    podictionary - for word lovers - dictionary etymology, trivia & history

  • (popular in Manitoba and Saskatchewan) adds clamato juice (tomato juice and clam broth).

    Wine Library TV


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  • Proprietary name for a completely adorable drink made from fermented clam and tomato juice. Typically used as a vodka mixer to create the caesar.

    November 17, 2007