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  • n. an argument that tells the Java virtual machine where to look for user-defined classes and packages when running Java programs.


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class +‎ path


  • # Build classpath with all jars in the lib directory for jar in lib/*. jar do classpath = \$classpath: \$jar done java - Xincgc - ea - Xms256m - Xmx1024m - classpath \$classpath com. blurb.booksmart.application.

    Sun Bloggers

  • Notes on the SDE extension put sde jars in classpath (or lib/ext) and dlls on path (or working directory) trim the where validation.

    Notes on the SDE extension

  • (except it makes a proper distinction between the production classpath and the test classpath, which is helpful).

    Javalobby - The heart of the Java developer community

  • · When clicking on the buttons of the indexing configuration dialog to list file extensions, some suggestions are omitted (e.g. ". classpath").

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • You'll need to put the absolute path (for example, \jars\someApp. jar) of these JAR files in the so-called 'classpath' variable, which you pass to the JVM executable file described in the next paragraph.

    Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine

  • So these two must be in the classpath of the clojure that is run from Emacs/SLIME.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • For example, it turned out that creating a .classpath cannot be done in the regular way it never showed up, and I had to dig up some internal code of the PDE.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • Both detection of the available libraries as well as putting them in the classpath, caused trouble with the CDBS-based build system wrapping around the Ant build.xml note the many commit this weekend ;.

    CDK close to entering Debian

  • When you define a class, Ruby checks its classpath to see if another class of the same name has already been loaded.

    Are Open Classes Evil?

  • I had to add the target directory to the classpath of the run configuration.

    Using TestNG in Scala: By Example


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  • A chink in the armor of the caste system.

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