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  • See clead.


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  • And spring will cleed the birken shaw: [clothe, birch woods]

    Robert Burns How To Know Him

  • But its a greater kin'ness to clout him nor to cleed him.

    David Elginbrod

  • Forbye, gin ye began wi 'his claes, ye wadna ken whaur to haud; for it wad jist be the new claith upo' the auld garment: ye micht as weel new cleed him at ance. '

    Robert Falconer

  • Ye dee eneuch for me, Sir Gilbert, a'ready; an 'though I wad be obleeged to you as I wad to my mither hersel', to cleed me gien I warna dacent, I winna tak your siller nor naebody ither's to gang fine.

    Sir Gibbie

  • Gin the clergy o 'thae times warna a gey hantle mair enlichtened nor a fowth o' the clergy hereabouts, he wad hae heard a heap aboot the glory o 'God, as the thing' at God himsel 'was maist anxious aboot uphaudin', jist like a prood creater o 'a king; an' that he wad mak 'men, an' feed them, an 'cleed them, an' gie them braw wives an 'toddlin' bairnies, an 'syne damn them, a' for's ain glory.

    David Elginbrod


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  • I found "cleeds" in "The Rituals Of Dinner" by Margaret Visser. She writes:" Meat feeds, cloth cleeds, but manners makes the man," went a sixteenth-century jingle...

    February 24, 2017