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  • Unless you routinely blog in the middle of a desperate escape from a burning building, you've got plenty of time to say something like: "Warning: visual depiction of pert nipples and raspberry jam" or "Beware: contains pictures of Drew Barrymore in a business suit, eating ice cream and giving the camera that look" or " Cuidado: cloacas!"

    Let's Lose the Murky Ambiguity of 'NSFW'

  • Bred to lay larger eggs, these hens can experience severe trauma and pain around their cloacas (or vent, basically the orifice from which the egg is deposited) and when too many chickens must live in small cages, too close together, vent pecking and cannibalism by cage mates becomes the norm.

    Cheri Shankar: Not So Eggcellent

  • This sweet spark displayed all his little erudition, and flourished away upon cloacas and vomitoriums with eternal fluency.

    Dreams Waking Thoughts and Incidents

  • I have thought of making the Tiber flow in to drown them, or of opening the walls of the cloacas and submerging the catacombs in filth.

    Historical Miniatures

  • To puddle in the embouchures and drowned outskirts, and ulterior and ultimate issues and cloacas of the affair: what profit can there be in that?

    Latter-Day Pamphlets

  • Superior men could scarcely bring themselves to tread these tortuous ways, to stoop, to cringe, and creep through the mire of these cloacas, where the presence of a fine mind only alarmed the other denizens.


  • At 7 and 15 days after the chicks hatched, the researchers trapped both the stressed and non-stressed males and massaged their cloacas to make the birds ejaculate.

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • While egg industry veterinarians work the news show circuit, no veterinarian care is given to laying hens like those in the video who suffer from orbital lesions occluding their eyes, debeaking mutilations hampering their eating and severe trauma around their cloacas or vents.

    Best Syndication -

  • a strange, incredible life in their public harems, outcast by society, accursed by the family, victims of the social temperament, cloacas for the excess of the city's sensuality, the guardians of the honour of the family -- four hundred foolish, lazy, hysterical, barren women.

    Yama: the pit

  • [681] "Et ut patesceret totius regni communitati eos non respectu avaritiæ quicquam facere, proclamari fecerunt sub poena decollationis, ne quis præsumeret aliquid vel aliqua ibidem reperta ad proprios usus servanda contingere, sed ut vasa aurea et argentea, quæ ibi copiosa habebantur, cum securibus minutatim confringerent et in Tamisiam vel in cloacas projicerent, pannos aureos et holosericos dilacerarent ....

    A Literary History of the English People From the Origins to the Renaissance


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