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  • n. Goose-grass.
  • n. A pocket.


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  • (n, Bot.): Somersetshire dialect word for a species of bedstraw Galium aperine.

    Many other names for this plant have been recorded, including Airess, Airif, Airup, Aparine, Bedstraw, Beggar Lice, Beggar Weed, Bleedy Tongues, Blind Tongue, Bur, Bur-head, Bur-weed, Catch-rogue, Catch-weed, Chickweed, Claiton, Claver-grass, Cleavers, Cleden, Cleeiton, Cleggers, Clever-grass, Clider, Cling-rascal, Clitch Buttons, Clite, Clitheren, Clits, Cliver, Clyders, Errif, Geckdor, Gux Grass, Gentleman's Tormentors, Goosebill, Goose-grass, Goose-heiriffe, Gooseshare, Goose Tongue, Gosling Grass, Gosling Scrotch, Gosling Weed, Grip-grass, Gull-grass, Gye, Hair-weed, Harif, Haritch, Harvest Lice, Hedge-burs, Jack-in-the-hedge, Lizzy-run-up-the-hedge, Robin-in-the-hedge, Robin-run-up-the-dyke, Soldiers' Buttons, Stick-a-back, Stickle Back, Sweethearts' Tivers, Tongue Bleeder, Withers Pail, Willy-run-hedge.

    June 30, 2009