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  • adj. fueled by burning coal


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  • Third, as individuals and as a society we are making long-term decisions today that will determine how much carbon dioxide we will emit in the future, such as whether to purchase energy efficient vehicles and appliances that will last for 10-20 years, or whether to build more coal-burning power plants that last for 50 years rather than investing more in energy efficiency and renewable energy.


  • While less polluting than many coal-burning power plants, the presence of such factories in China's densely populated cities has become a hot-button issue for educated Chinese.

    China closes chemical plant targeted by protesters

  • As reported by Environmental News Services, a new survey of voters conducted in the first week of September 2011 by Hart Research Associates and GS Strategy Group reveals that "by a wide margin, voters of both political parties and in all regions of the United States disagree with Congress' anti-Environmental Protection Agency agenda and support the EPA's new rules to limit air pollution from coal-burning power plants."

    Wendy Gordon: Congress Attacks Breathtaking

  • HOMER CITY, Pa. — The federal government on Thursday sued several companies over a coal-burning electricity generating plant, calling it "one of the largest air pollution sources in the nation" and asking the court to keep it from operating unless it meets Clean Air Act standards.

    Feds Sue Coal Plant For Unlawful Pollution

  • Just as Mercury from our coal-burning plants has entered our food chain through ariel deposits onto the waters, so too plastics and all the chemicals that make them and adhere to them are entering our food chain as they are consumed by ocean life.

    Lisa Kaas Boyle: Did You Just Eat a Plastic Bag? How Plastic Pollution Has Entered Our Food Chain

  • In December, KFTC and several ally organizations were successful in persuading a rural electric co-op to abandon its plans to build a coal-burning power plant and create a collaborative process to examine and recommend affordable clean energy solutions, including energy efficiency, wind, solar and hydro power.

    Jeff Biggers: Roadmaps to New Power: Appalachian Transition Initiative Leads Coalfields into New Year--and New Era

  • Encouraged by calls from former Vice President Al Gore and leading climate scientist James Hansen for civil disobedience to stop the construction of coal-fired power plants, thousands of individuals from across the United States converged on Washington, DC, on March 2, 2009, to protest the coal-burning Capitol Power Plant and to urge Congress to pass legislation to reduce carbon emissions.

    Earth Policy Institute: The End of an Era — Closing the Door on Building New Coal-fired Power Plants in America

  • An amendment sponsored by Rep. David McKinley, R-WV, blocks the EPA from preventing coal-burning utilities from dumping certain types of toxic slurry into rivers and streams.

    Peter Lehner: A Republican Rampage

  • Federal emissions regulations intended to reduce sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide that were announced in July have led utilities to say they will close coal-burning power plants in Ohio, Georgia and Texas, among others.

    Coal Strikes a Tough Vein Over Costs, Natural Gas

  • How do America's coal-burning power plants fit into the picture?

    The Myth of Killer Mercury


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