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  • adj. Of or pertaining to cognitivism


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  • "cognitivist" theories is their particular understanding of these cognitions.


  • Indeed, from a cognitivist perspective, teaching might well be defined as the ‘management of attention for pedagogical purposes’.

    August « 2010 « An A-Z of ELT

  • Non-cognitivist theories (Hare's prescriptivism, Ayer's emotivism, more recently Allan Gibbard's expressivism), which variously deny that moral statements can be true or false, render moral judgment so subjective and capricious that, strictly speaking, it might just as well extend to "the wrongness of running round trees right-handed or looking at hedgehogs in the light of the moon".

    Philippa Foot obituary

  • Thanks, but I don't call myself an agnostic; I am a theological non-cognitivist (sometimes called an "ignostic").

    Aiguy's Computer

  • But many of the most interesting historical writings fall squarely within the “cognitivist” approach, and their examples support an interpretation of historical knowledge that is evidence-based, rigorous, and post-positivist.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • UnderstandingSociety: A cognitivist philosophy of history skip to main

    A cognitivist philosophy of history

  • I would guess that cognitivist theories would look very different from design theories and those in turn would differ from a variety of ethnographic/anthropological theories.

    What theory in HCI is about

  • But not every more moderate internalist principle will be easily explained by a corresponding non-cognitivist theory.

    Boys in White Suits

  • Things may not be as easy as this for the minimalist non-cognitivist.

    Boys in White Suits

  • Even Blackburn himself on occasion expresses worries about this problem (Blackburn 1993, 34), but more commonly he and other non-cognitivists resist the worry by pointing to other domains of discourse which are not amenable to non-cognitivist analysis.

    Boys in White Suits


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