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  • adj. Lacking modern plumbing or heating facilities: a cold-water flat.


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  • The sisters, fresh from their cold-water baths, had stripped down to their sleep clothes.

    Slice Of Cherry

  • The bathroom consists of a Western toilet, a cold-water sink with a water heater and shower head attached to the wall that is often not separated from the rest of the bathroom inside a shower stall.

    Is Teaching English in China Really for You? « Articles « Literacy News

  • The flower hat jelly, a rare cold-water species with pinstriped crimson bands on its bell, lives on the outcroppings of plants and uses its lustrous tentacles to paralyze the fish it consumes.

    Balletic Flowers of the Sea

  • A cold-water rinse of the beer-soaked rags caused heavy saturation of the Zorbeez, but the Shamwow sprung back after wringing and seemed to have already shed most of the moisture.

    See, THIS is the kind of stuff that science should be testing

  • Moreover, its gers that were equipped with bathrooms had only toilets and cold-water sinks.

    Dunes Struck

  • "We put firefighters in the water in cold-water rescue suits," Mr. Vatter said.

    Family's Hudson Tragedy

  • No, not their old Dickensian cold-water offices, as described in Talk of the Town a few years back, but the newish ones.

    BookExpo: New York Outside the Show

  • He ran across a book in the library on the care of the body, and promptly developed a penchant for a cold-water bath every morning, much to the amazement of Jim, and to the bewilderment of Mr. Higginbotham, who was not in sympathy with such high-fangled notions and who seriously debated whether or not he should charge Martin extra for the water.

    Chapter 6

  • We put two firefighters in the water in cold-water rescue suits.

    N.Y. town reeling after family drowns

  • Throughout the year, I practice regularly with rifle & pistol, but diving is a great part of what I enjoy and I hope to remain a cold-water diver as long as the Good Lord permits me to do so.

    Field & Stream


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