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  • adj. that kills pathogenic organisms; disinfectant

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  • adj. Destructive to germs; -- applied to any agent which has a killing action upon living microorganisms, particularly bacteria or viruses, which are the cause of many infectious diseases.

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  • Pertaining to or of the nature of a germicide; germ-killing: as, germicidal gases.

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  • adj. preventing infection by inhibiting the growth or action of microorganisms


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  • These are (1) the production in the blood of an antidote to the toxin or poison elaborated by the invading microbe -- an antitoxin, which chemically neutralises the toxin; (2) the production in the blood of the attacked animal of a "germicidal" poison which repels and kills the attacking microbes themselves (not merely neutralising their poisonous products); (3) the extermination of the intrusive, disease-producing microbes by a kind of police, which scour the blood channels and tissues and "eat up" -- actually engulf and digest -- the hostile intruders.

    More Science From an Easy Chair

  • Contaminated water enters the AquaIris, passes over a removable/re-usable filter, then travels under a layer of ‘converter crystals’ where germicidal UVC rays purify the water molecules as they pass by.

    Daniel Flahiff | Inhabitat

  • Residents are encouraged to wear surgical masks and to wash their hands often with germicidal gel to prevent the spread of disease.

    Illnesses Surge Among Quake Victims

  • The current approaches -- hand washing with soap and use of alcohol rubs -- have limited germicidal effectiveness, take too long minutes for hand washing, 30 seconds for rubs and irritate the hands due to persistent contact dermatitis, so they cannot be practically used in the WHO defined mode.

    Judith Johnson: Why Hospitals Are The Worst Place To Be When You Are Sick (Part 2)

  • He tries to form a mental picture of Frankie embalming the widow's husband, washing the old man's body with germicidal soap, draining his blood and replacing it with embalming fluid to preserve the tissues.


  • BTW I just saw a germicidal lamp at the shop Handy Mail office for only

    Windows Vista and Telmex Prodigy

  • I do not certainly deny that at minimal germicidal concentration a fluoridated toothpaste prevents tartar because fluoride kills bacteria but I find simply ridiculous thinking that the addition of a pesticide to the drinking water can prevent aluminium smelters and charcoal power generation plants from emitting toxic chemicals in the air.

    General Jack D. Ripper had a point....

  • A disadvantage of this technology is that although UV germicidal light is effective at killing pathogens, it must strike all surfaces and this is difficult to achieve on a brush.

    Alternatives for significant uses of formaldehyde in Massachusetts

  • By engineering the proper light wavelengths into the RCI cell, EcoQuest has developed a highly effective system designed to utilize germicidal UV light at 254nm.

    Archive 2008-03-01

  • Next, germicidal UVX light helps destroy germs while the RCI cell creates hydro-peroxides, super-oxide ions and safe oxidizers to reduce odours and airborne contaminants.

    Archive 2008-03-01


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