from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A small collar; specif., a woman's collar of lace, fur, or other fancy material.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A small collar or fichu of linen, lace, fur, etc., worn by women.
  • n. Any piece of armor protecting the neck, more particularly in front. See gorgerin and hausse-col.
  • n. In zoology: In certain goniatite cephalopods of Devonian age, one of a series of swellings in the shell which apparently represent successive positions of the stoma or shell-aperture.
  • n. The circle of tentacles in sea-anemones.


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  • The lower plumage is white save for a blue collaret, which is interrupted in the middle.

    Birds of the Indian Hills

  • The breast is, in its turn, separated from the greyish abdomen by a broad black band, which ornithologists term a collaret.

    Birds of the Indian Hills

  • Sometimes the collaret is interrupted in the middle.

    Birds of the Indian Hills

  • Instead she concerned herself with lifting the collaret of bells off over Mrs. Hadley-Smith's head and bestowing it upon the rounded shoulders of the girl.

    From Place to Place

  • In the coils and masses of her black hair she fixed her two great cabochons of pearls, and clasped about her neck her palm-broad collaret of pearls and diamonds.

    The Pit: A Story of Chicago

  • I want some to match a collaret of my own; and I cant get it at Perry and John's.

    Fanny's First Play

  • Jane took off her mink-fur collaret, which was sadly worn.

    The Pagan Madonna

  • "Thank you," said Jane, as she received the collaret.

    The Pagan Madonna

  • When she came in her angelic face was as white as the collaret which encircled her throat, and the scar was more livid than usual.

    The Grey Cloak

  • A little meadow daisy seemed to me so beautiful with its golden calyx full of diamonds of dew and its white collaret fringed with purple, that I plucked it, and covered it with kisses, and cried in a sort of delirious intoxication:



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