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  • noun A small collar, especially as a kind of necklace of lace, fur etc. for women.
  • noun A type of dahlia having a small collar of short inner petals.
  • noun The jagged circle in the mid-diameter of the iris, separating the darker shade of the iris from the lighter shade of the iris.
  • noun Rim of loosened keratin surrounding a skin lesion.


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From French collerette.


  • The ends of her tulle collarette had been carefully disordered and a big bunch of red flowers was pinned in her bosom stems upwards.


  • By wearing the short cape with circular, fluffy collarette, sketched in

    What Dress Makes of Us

  • She tells herself that she is perfectly warm and comfortable, but you and I know better, my dear, for we have seen her unhappy efforts to crawl up into this same collarette, and we have beheld her shivering misery as a good stiff gust of January wind sends her flying around a corner.

    The Woman Beautiful or, The Art of Beauty Culture

  • Who has not beheld the stunningly gowned girl stalking majestically around the shopping district in a little tailor-made jacket topped off with a fur collarette?

    The Woman Beautiful or, The Art of Beauty Culture

  • She nodded seriously over her serviceable, unworldly brown collarette.


  • France is the land _par excellence_ for automobile touring, not only from its splendid roads, but from the wide diversity of its sights and scenes, and manners and customs, and, last but not least, its most excellent hotels strung along its highways and byways like pearls in a collarette.

    The Automobilist Abroad

  • A boa made from black water mink is worth about 50 dollars, a collarette about $100,00 and a coat reaching down to the hips would cost about $250,00.

    Black Beaver The Trapper

  • It was true she had a new set, warm and serviceable, but -- well, a short-haired, dark-brown collarette hasn't the allure of a fluffy, snow-white boa.


  • How many typical metropolitans one knows who are forever in a small flutter of excitement over whatever is just happening, like a cub reporter on the way to his first fire, or a neuræsthete -- if one may coin a word -- who perceives a spider on her collarette.

    The Joyful Heart

  • And if the editor chose to refer to the pineapple pattern, No. 60 cotton, collarette which Mrs. Jackson had crocheted between beers in the good old Dance Hall days as an "exquisite effect in point lace," certainly Mrs. Jackson was not the lady to contradict him.

    The Lady Doc


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  • 'Phoebus had returned to lean over the back of the chair of his betrothed; a charming situation whence his libertine gaze could invade every opening in Fleur-de-Lys's collarette. This collarette gaped so opportunely, and revealed to him so many exquisite things and led him to divine so many others, that Phoebus, dazzled by this skin...said to himself, "How can one love any but a fair skin?"'

    The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Victor Hugo

    May 16, 2010