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  • "Some say 'neether' an 'some say' nayther, 'but' nyther 'is right," sneered Burroughs, "fer the Prince o 'Wales says' nyther. '"

    A Man of Two Countries

  • And mabee we may and mabee we maynt; but that's nyther here nur there.


  • But I won't do it! no! I won't for nyther man nor mortal!

    Ishmael In the Depths

  • He got home the very selfsame day that young Le Force arrove; though nyther of them knowed anything about the other's coming 'til they met by accident at old Luke

    Her Mother's Secret

  • You must excuse me asking you so many questions; but the truth is you're a perfect stranger to me, and it is very late for you to come here, you know; which I wouldn't think so much of that nyther, only since that horrid murder at Black Hall I have mistrusted every stranger I see. "

    Cruel As The Grave

  • I'm a-going to get up, though it's very early, and I an't as young as I used to be twenty years ago, nyther, "grumbled the" farmer, "as with many a grunt and sigh, as of an old and weary man, he got up and began to dress himself.

    Cruel As The Grave

  • She had never "seed it so cold for de season nyther, 'cept 'twas de spring Miss Marian went to hebben, and not a bit o' wonder de yeth was cole arter she war gone -- de dear, lovin 'heart warm angel;' deed I wondered how it ever come summer again, an 'thought it was right down onsensible in her morning-glories to bloom out jest de same as ever, arter she was gone!

    The Missing Bride

  • "Oh, no, ye aint a-dying, nyther; there's more life than death in this

    Ishmael In the Depths

  • "Why, I didn't spare the feelings of little Kitty, nor her doting suitor's nyther, and that I can tell you!

    Ishmael In the Depths

  • "So do, Hannah, my dear; that will be one of the best ways of comforting yourself, making up things for the lad; and you shan't want for money, for the fine linen nyther, Hannah, my dear!

    Ishmael In the Depths


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