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  • adj. Capable of being computed.
  • adj. algorithmically computable, i.e. able to be calculated by a Turing machine

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  • adj. Capable of being computed, numbered, or reckoned.

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  • Capable of being computed, numbered, or reckoned.

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  • adj. may be computed or estimated


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compute +‎ -able


  • The computable real numbers are the real numbers specified in this way by * computable* functions.

    A Neighborhood of Infinity

  • These models are called "computable" because, unlike economic models that exist purely to prove theoretical points, it is possible to feed actual numbers into them and get numbers out the other end.

    Ian Fletcher: Economists Are Hopelessly Naïve About International Trade

  • With Mathematica 6 we launched our concept of computable data: of making real-world data immediately available in computable form directly inside Mathematica.

    Wolfram Blog : Surprise! Mathematica 7.0 Released Today!

  • Using built-in computable data sources, of course.

    Wolfram Blog : Mathematica’s True Colors

  • He used Mathematica’s built-in computable data function PolyhedronData to choose different polyhedra to insert at each point location, and wrapped everything in a Manipulate function to create an instant form generator.

    Wolfram Blog : A New Kind of Building?

  • Any device or organ whose internal processes can be described completely by means of effectively calculable functions can be simulated exactly by a Turing machine program (provided that the input into the device or organ is itself Turing-machine-computable, which is to say, is either finite or expressible as a computable number, in Turing's sense (which is explained below)); but any device or organ whose mathematical description involves functions that are not effectively calculable cannot be so simulated.

    The Church-Turing Thesis

  • It is fair to note that this effort - making sure that all of us have immediate access to personal health information in easy-to-use (i.e., electronic or "computable") format - is NOT the most important thing we need to achieve in health care right now.

    The Health Care Blog

  • The second boundary comes from the need, for a well-behaved theory, to be "computable": a too large value of the Higgs mass makes the Higgs coupling "blow up" at large energies, such that the theory loses the property of being perturbatively calculable.

    Scientific Blogging

  • "computable" in the technical sense of being decidable or evaluable by the application of a rote procedure or algorithm.

    The Computational Theory of Mind

  • Ricardo's ideas have been considerably elaborated since then, and they generally use sophisticated "computable general equilibrium" CGE computer models, built upon his work as the foundation, to assign actual dollar amounts to the purported benefits of free trade.

    Ian Fletcher: Economists Are Hopelessly Naïve About International Trade


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