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  • I don't believe an ID advocates say that a form of emergentism or computationalism is "logically impossible" but that these scenarios are not supported by available evidence.

    ID & Ego

  • But it is well known that GOFAI style symbolic computationalism did not remain the “only game in town” in cognitive science for long.

    His Name Was Do Re Mi

  • Perhaps the boldness is seen as necessary, given the fact that cognitive linguistics is a fairly unheralded alternative to the primary paradigm in cognitive science, computationalism and even gets less press among cognitive scientists than related alterantives, like dynamic systems theories.

    The Grand Theory of All Thought: Blending

  • But Copeland claims that Searle himself commits the simulation fallacy in extending the CR argument from traditional AI to apply against computationalism.

    The Chinese Room Argument

  • But that doesn't mean computationalism or functionalism is false.

    The Chinese Room Argument

  • There I developed the argument that I restated in my review of Dennett to the effect that the Chinese Room argument if anything conceded too much to computationalism.

    'The Mystery of Consciousness': An Exchange

  • The Chinese Room is one argument in the first set, but the deeper argument against computationalism is that the computational features of a system are not intrinsic to its physics alone, but require a user or interpreter.

    'The Mystery of Consciousness': An Exchange

  • First, talk of patterns and processes gestures at by far the most widely accepted theory of mentality among contemporary philosophers and cognitive neuroscientists, namely computationalism.

    Ethical Technology

  • Like computationalism above, this view is crucially based on

    Ethical Technology

  • One can thus view computationalism as entailing a kind of descriptive dualism plus ontological monism: its ontology affirms that

    Ethical Technology


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  • It has geek chic.

    May 20, 2008

  • Came across this whilst revising for my Artificial Intelligence assignment. Absolute beauty of a word.

    May 20, 2008