from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The sea-eel, Conger vulgaris or Leptocephalus conger, a large voracious species of eel, sometimes growing to the length of 10 feet and weighing 100 pounds.
  • n. In California, Sidera mordax, an eel of the family Muræidæ, related to the common moray of England. Also called congeree.
  • n. Along the Atlantic coast of the United States, Zoarces anguillaris, a fish of the family Zoarcidæ or Lycodidæ. Also called congo, lamper-eel, ling, and mutton-fish.
  • n. In Australia, Leptocephalus labiatus, Leptocephalus conger L., and Gonorhynchus Gronow.


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