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from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The quality of being -worthy of consideration; capacity of being considered.


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  • Assigning moral considerability to other elements of God's creation - animals, forests, water resources, marine life - serves as a corrective to the excesses of dominion theology.

    WaPo 'On Faith': All Creation Has Moral Standing

  • People whose cognitive anomalies impede them from arriving at and articulating complex and rationalized accounts of their own good very often are not accorded full status, and sometimes even are denied considerability, by moral and political theories, including pluralistic liberal theories committed to respecting citizens 'diverse values.

    Feminist Perspectives on Disability

  • They are not usually found pure — that is, Carson does not assert non-human moral considerability regardless of, or in contrast to, human self-interest.

    Rachel Carson's environmental ethics

  • This passage clearly implies moral considerability on the animals 'part and moral responsibility on our part.

    Rachel Carson's environmental ethics

  • Many of its arguments explicitly assert or implicitly rely on the moral considerability of non-human beings.

    Rachel Carson's environmental ethics

  • Evaluatively (and somewhat schematically) its plea for restraint rests on a triple foundation of human health considerations, the moral considerability of non-human beings, and the value to humans of preserving wild nature and a diverse and varied landscape.

    Rachel Carson's environmental ethics

  • We have already seen that Carson's ethics were non-anthropocentric: she recognized the moral considerability of non-human beings.

    Rachel Carson's environmental ethics

  • Once again, Carson does not provide elaborate arguments to justify the moral considerability of these wild species and natural communities, or the value, to us, of knowing and appreciating them.

    Rachel Carson's environmental ethics

  • Perhaps she believed that people who understood and experienced wild nature would come to accept its moral considerability and its continued importance to human happiness and flourishing, and that philosophical arguments could add little to such understanding and experience.

    Rachel Carson's environmental ethics

  • Instead, as in the examples above, she asserts non-human moral considerability and asserts that our selfish human interests practically harmonize with its recognition.

    Rachel Carson's environmental ethics


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