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  • v. Present participle of consolidate.


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  • Whatever its problems in consolidating its democratic system, Brazil looks a lot better than other countries in the neighborhood.

    Nikolas Kozloff: Part III: What Is the Brazilian Brand?

  • And Kirchner played a major role in consolidating this independence, working with the other left governments including Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

    Mark Weisbrot: Kirchner Rescued Argentina's Economy, Helped Unite South America

  • A second SNP term, a defeated near bankrupt Labour party with its job seekers base realising the game's up; a Tory party interested in consolidating its English base, its own second term, an Obama administration sorting out the world's hot spots including delivering a independent Palestine; some sort of united Ireland moving ever closer; Today's 14 year olds 18: The Scottish working class.

    The Dream is Over?

  • If you're interested in consolidating your loans, check out the US Department of Education: Loan Consolidation site.

    A Big-Ass List Of Student Loan Resources - The Consumerist

  • Those same people are likely to be good educators as well and not simply interested in consolidating power and holding on to a position.

    Update on Question Feature - NASA Watch

  • His big accomplishment was in consolidating his regime by eliminating every potential threat or rival.

    Matthew Yglesias » Alan Wolfe on Liberal Hawks

  • In Deleuze's reading, for example, Hume is important less for his role in consolidating a


  • If Nouri al-Maliki succeeds in consolidating control over Iraq more firmly, leaving a coalition of Iranian-backed Shiite parties firmly in charge, does that mean “we” win?

    Matthew Yglesias » We Win, They Lose

  • Coupled with the ongoing construction of large holding camps currently being constructed, ostensibly for use by ICE for detention of illegal aliens, a military coup would be foolish to not use their list to aid in consolidating power.


  • We MUST begin consolidating our communties, establishing trust and common values.

    The Soixante-neuf of Liberty


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  • Examples have no reference to freight consolidating. Perhaps because, while it is often done, especially for ocean/container shipping, it is seldom written about.

    March 13, 2010