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  • adj. Of, pertaining to, or causing convolution

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  • Relating to or like a convolution.


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  • He was known for work involving something called convolutional neural networks, which he had developed for software that banks use to scan and read checks.

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  • Viterbi encoding or half-rate convolutional coding?

    Making Light: Heads Up For Our Friends at Random House

  • Algorithmic information theory; channel coding; coded modulation; complexity, information and entropy; complexity measures; convolutional coding; error-correcting codes; information theory and statistics; iterative decoding; LDPC codes; quantum information theory; quantum-theoretical aspects of coding; randomness and pseudo-randomness; relationships between codes and complexity; rate distortion theory; soft-decision decoding; source coding; source-channel coding; spreading sequences and CDMA; turbo codes.

    The Skeptic paper online - The Panda's Thumb

  • Thus there is a significance in the convolutional pattern of the brain.

    The Brain and the Voice in Speech and Song

  • VLIW (very-long-instruction-word) ConnX 545CK DSP has eight-way SIMD units, dual 128-bit load/stores, and a Viterbi convolutional coder accelerator.

    Gadget Freak Files

  • What made this feat possible was the depth of the student's convolutional neural network.

    ACM TechNews

  • In their experiments, the students, led by professor Tom Li, discovered that the optimal number of layers for musical genre recognition was three convolutional (or "thinking") layers, with the first layer taking in the raw input data and the third layer outputting the genre data.

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  • He developed the sequential decoding techniques for convolutional codes that made error-free communication possible with relatively low computing power - enabling the subsequent development of modern strategies used by the Internet, cellular phones, and deep-space transmissions.

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  • A convolutional neural network achieves 99. 26% accuracy on a modified NIST database of hand-written digits.

    The Code Project Latest Articles

  • A newer class of interated short convolutional codes that are less complex than the Viterbi algorithm on the long convolutional codes that would be required for the same performance.

    RCR Wireless News


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