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  • n. A copper printing plate engraved or etched to form a recessed pattern of the matter to be printed.
  • n. A print or engraving made by using such a plate.

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  • n. A copper plate, either etched or engraved, to make a recessed pattern.
  • n. A print made from such a plate.
  • n. A style of handwriting based on that used on such prints; English round hand.
  • v. To engrave on and print from a copperplate

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  • n. A plate of polished copper on which a design or writing is engraved.
  • n. An impression on paper taken from such a plate.

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  • n. A plate of polished copper on which a writing, picture, or design is made in sunken lines by engraving or etching.
  • n. A print or an impression from such a plate.
  • Engraved or etched on copper, or printed from a copperplate: as, a copperplate engraving.
  • To engrave or etch on a plate of copper for the production of a printing surface.

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  • n. a graceful style of handwriting based on the writing used on copperplate engravings
  • n. an engraving consisting of a smooth plate of copper that has been etched or engraved
  • n. a print made from an engraved copperplate


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copper+plate, also spelled copper-plate or copper plate. For the plate used for engraving itself in the 1660s. As a term for the printed product from 1817. Of the especially clear writing used in such prints from the 1820s. Use as a verb (the past participle copperplated) is from 1822.


  • With this style, the text is etched onto a copperplate, which is pressed into the invitation - creating a raised effect.

    NY1 - Top Stories

  • On the present occasion he took pains to make it even more careful than usual, and the result was that it looked not unlike the "copperplate" handwriting a girl would learn at the convent, though an expert would probably have declared it disguised.

    Sant' Ilario

  • More formal historic scripts, such as copperplate or Spencerian, use ­either a square nib or quill, or a point.

    Education news, comment and analysis |

  • Despite many hours first of tracing, then of copying copperplate examples, my handwriting never became other than serviceable at best.

    The Handwriting Is on the Wall

  • But it is still elegant and compleat, and Mama found room to underline or make comments in her copperplate handwriting, using peacock-blue fountain pen ink in delicate lines.

    Archive 2010-01-01

  • Underneath that, I wrote “In pleaant Dreams” in what was supposed to be copperplate but ended up looking like bad cursive.

    Kater’s Art » 2009 » May

  • It includes a bandanna, sold as a souvenir, with the design of the first engraved map of Washington and an 1810 copperplate that was used to print money for the Bank of Columbia in Georgetown.

    Albert Small to give Washington-history archives to George Washington U.

  • Printed, in a fine copperplate script were the words ‘Best Supporting Actors’, and then underneath that, there was an address, a URL, and an e-mail address.

    365 tomorrows » Sam Clough : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • A neat copperplate note records: "Her Majesty having been graciously pleased to extend her grace and mercy unto said Elizabeth Ann Staunton and to grant her a pardon … on condition of her being kept in penal servitude for the term of her natural life."

    Records of Victorian women murderers and thieves placed online

  • She examined the work—the lush, hand-printed colors, the beautiful copperplate script.

    Aching for Always


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  • An illustration made by using inscribed sheets of copper; the copper sheets are inked and paper is rolled over them to produce the image.

    February 21, 2007